Day 70 – It’s a wrap

Well…it’s over. Our 70 daze together has come to a close. Summer is almost done. And, I want to say thank you to everyone who came along for the ride. There have been a crazy amount of ups and downs. We didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do. We did lots of other things. But it’s okay. I’m learning to take this life one day at a time.

That’s what I set out to do in the beginning…learn to live one day at a time.

I had planned to do a “look back over the past 70 days” for today’s entry. But I don’t think I will…you were all there. You know what we did. You know the story. It’s all good. Here’s what I have concluded…

  • There are a LOT of good people in the world. And doing the blog has helped me meet a whole bunch of them over the past 70 days.
  • People want to stay connected. When Chuck and I left Sudbury, it was down and dirty quick. We got out without really any big to-do. Just…gone. And a lot of our Sudbury people have been following along with our days. Thanks for staying with us even though we’re far away now.
  • Old friends are friends forever…they make your life richer because they remember who you were before life happened.
  • Family is important. Don’t forget that and always make enough time.
  • Blogging keeps you honest if you let it. I’ve tried to treat this one sort of like an accountability diary. That has been working really well. What I mean is, I can’t bitch that summer went by and I didn’t do anything…because, well, I did do things and second, if I didn’t, it was my own damned fault.
  • I can handle a lot of stuff but when all the stuff happens at the same time, I get pretty out of control stressed. I need to work on that.
  • Just because summer is over, I don’t have to stop doing something every single day.
  • Yes, winter sucks. Yes, dark and cold suck. But, until the overseas jump happens, it’s just something I’m going to have to keep living with and the more I think about it, the worse it gets so stop obsessing…right. now.
  • Taking pictures is good for my mental health. I need to have some sort of camera with me always. I love having a “use” for them as well…something that makes me want to go back and look at them instead of just having a folder on a computer that never gets accessed.
  • A bunch more other stuff that I’m just too tired to write down…  😀

I love my life. Two years ago, I wasn’t quite sure I still wanted to be alive. A year ago, I couldn’t even imagine that this would be how I was living…where I was living…but there it is.

I love my life…and I’ve loved sharing the ups and downs, the struggles and the triumphs with you. Thank you for being there along the way and maybe we’ll see you again next summer for “70 Daze of Summer – Part 2”.


Days 67 to 69 – A full recovery and the move

Before anything else, Chuck has recovered from whatever put him at the hospital. He is no longer in pain, all his tests are coming back normal and he’s doing really well. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment, expressed concern, texted, or messaged. It meant a lot to him to know people out there cared. We love you all.

Chuck’s recovery was so quick that I had to sit back and shake my head at his resilience. The first big sign he was feeling better was that he was really hungry…and not for our normal food. He wanted pure decadence. So we went to Boston Pizza. And, he ate. It was so heartwarming to see him actually enjoying his food. I don’t know much about people, but I can tell you that when an animal goes off its food there’s a real problem…and when they start eating good again, they’ll be okay. I’d like to think it’s the same for Chuck.

The next morning was our first bike ride in over two weeks. We went down to the lighthouse and then to the beach, just taking it slow and easy. I’ve missed the beach. Once our craziness is over, or at least less crazy, I’m going back to visiting it every day.

The move went well. It’s not completely done but the big, heavy stuff is over. We had to get local movers to help…our table top weighs in around the 200 pound mark and the building is basically a walk-up at the moment. With a just-recovered sickie, I wasn’t about to attempt getting that thing up here by ourselves. Even the guys were winded when they got here with it.

A huge thanks to April for pitching in and giving us a hand. You haven’t met April yet, but she’s one of the best folks out there. No matter what, April is there for us. She did more stairs than any of us. And how do I pay her back? Take a picture of her looking like she’s a Who from Whoville with a lampshade for decoration. I like it though…if you knew April you’d understand I think.

I have to tell you this too…one of the coolest parts of our new place isn’t the location, or the layout, or the decor…it’s the people. We came home and our next door neighbors dropped off a homemade Nutella and Macadamia Nut strudel at our door for us. Dave and Denise are awesome people to share a wall with, and they have a pretty amazing dog (Rolland) that they let me play with.

Last night they dropped in and Rolland and I got to snuggle on the couch for a little while. He’s a big, black, fluffy, snuggly, lovable Newfie cross…so there was no room for anyone else on the couch. And you know…I’m okay with that. 🙂

One more day…


Days 64, 65 and 66 – A sick husband, an eclipse and other happenings

Here’s what my world has felt like over the past several days…


It started about 11:30 Saturday night when Chuck’s fever had been steadily increasing for the past 24 hours and ended up in chest pains. We headed for the emergency department immediately and had an overnight stay. They got the fever down, checked him with the heart thingy (that’s the technical term), and reported that there was no heart attack but they wanted to do further tests because of what they saw on the heart thingy. The fever was coming from either a bladder or kidney infection (or stones) so they’re treating with antibiotics, Tylenol for the fever, and Advil for the inflammation.


Here’s a good time to tell you that I’m the absolutely last person you want with you in any type of emergency. Seriously. Total deer in the headlights. I’m also a really, really bad nurse. So, this is a great time to start feeling sorry for Chuck if you haven’t already…

While Chuck is sweating this thing out, dealing with horrible joint pain, and probably wondering if he’s going to die, I’m going into a very quiet meltdown. Because (take a deep breath here now)…there’s a house to move, a will to execute, decisions to be made, cars to be replaced, blogs to be written, an auctioneer to negotiate with, an eclipse to pay attention to (so you can say that you saw it), a garden to harvest, utilities to arrange, a huge lawn to mow, a friend’s place to check on while they are away, groceries to do, people to comfort, produce to deliver, appointments to take Chuck to, meals to cook, dishes to wash, messages to answer, laundry to do, phone calls to make, people’s expectations to meet, rainstorms to be conquered, schedules to maintain, work to be accomplished…and, all of that would be going on anyway whether Chuck was sick or not.

But here’s the thing…when your best friend is under the weather, when the person you spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year working, living, and loving with, when the person you rely on to always be there and be okay, isn’t okay…you can be pretty lost. And scared. And worried. And so very sad that you’re not a better nurse, and that you aren’t doing enough. And that you can’t fix it.

Here’s the awesome news. In the early morning hours of day 66 the fever broke like a huge wave. And it was over. Like that. The pain started to fade, his appetite returned, the glassiness in his eyes was gone. He’s still got tests to go through but he’s well on his way to getting better now. And, I’m very happy to relinquish my nursing duties.


On to day 67. Three more days to go…



Day 63 – Melancholy moments

Endings have always been tough for me. For example, when I finish a book I usually sit very still for a while trying to assimilate the story and say goodbye to all the friends I’ve made in the pages. When a favorite television series ends, I think about it for the next few days wishing I could go back and start again so I could have all those feel-good moments all over. And every once in a while I’ll be standing somewhere and a wave of melancholia will wash over me because of a sight, smell, or sound.

Tonight, it is sound. Chuck is still not feeling well so he’s spent the day downstairs trying to get some sleep and waiting for the fever to break. He had the TV on and I could hear the show from upstairs in the kitchen. It reminded me so much of the early spring we had here. And, I started to cry.

I remembered all the meals I’ve planned and cooked in that kitchen. All the groceries I’ve unloaded. All the times I stood at the counter trying a new recipe while Chuck was downstairs watching a show because I had kicked him out of the kitchen.  How many times we had done dishes, and planned the next day’s adventures. I remember how the afternoon sunlight through the windows made my soul happy, and how I watched the days get longer through that lace covered window. I thought about when Chuck was diagnosed with diabetes and how that changed what was bought and cooked in the kitchen. I thought about all the healthy changes that were brought about in that kitchen. I thought about just how many hours I’ve spent in that kitchen and how I have loved each and every one of them. And I grieved…oh, how I grieved.


This house…it was my salvation. It was the place we escaped to from Sudbury. It sheltered us for a whole year. When I look around I can see and hear all of the friends and family who have come to visit, all of the laughter and the excitement, all of the new experiences and joys we have had here…and it’s almost time to say goodbye to it because the landlord is ready to move here to Cobourg now and wants his house back. Another ending.

Don’t get me wrong…the new place is awesome. It’s brand new. It has got SO much light. It has everything we were looking for on the must-have list. I’m really looking forward to living in the new place. And I’m sure friends and family will still visit, I’ll still find new recipes to cook, and there will still be laughter and love in the new kitchen. But, like I said…endings have always been hard for me.

And there are just so many endings happening in the very near future…summer, living in this place, the blog being over, did I mention summer…

Luckily, change has always been easy for me (as contradictory as that sounds). It’s just a matter of getting my head into the right space which doesn’t usually take too long (unless I’m PMSing…oh man…is THAT what this is??) And, since I’ve had enough tears for today, that’s what I’m about to go do.

Day 62 – Fresh produce, shelves and Ribfest

It was a busy day. Aside from normal day to day things, we had some nifty stuff going on too. The Mannings had invited us to harvest a little bit of heaven from their garden. Since our garden went in so late this year, our “crop” is late and not very hearty. I was missing the fresh veggies but thanks to our garden fairy godmother, we had a really nice fresh salad of green pepper, onion, zucchini, and tomatoes topped off with garlic, olive oil, feta cheese and black olives. All prepped and served at the new place.

Speaking of the new place, we got some things working over there as well! There was one of those hideous 5 armed metal-ish atrocities they call a chandelier in the living/dining room. Every time I looked at it I just felt…angry. That’s not the vibe I want so Chuck installed a new light the other day. Now I feel happy every time I look at it. Sooooo much better.


And…here’s the most exciting thing of all so far…my half of our office is READY. Finally. An office that’s not in a basement. We no longer have to work in a dark, dungeon like atmosphere and feel sad about missing out on all the sunshine and daylight. We can work like normal surface dwellers!!!


Once all that was accomplished, we were pretty hungry. Luckily, it’s Ribfest weekend here! So, we took a quick walk over to the park to grab some dinner. If Chuck is looking a little strange in this pic it’s because he started running a fever shortly after I took this shot. Either he’s come down with a summer flu, or I’m working him too hard. Either way, poor guy is NOT feeling well.



We’re almost there guys…8 days left.

Day 61 – Sometimes you gotta say “What the Fuck”

It was 1983. My dad and I were watching a new movie called Risky Business via our nine foot wide, brand new satellite dish antenna. We weren’t long into the show when one of the characters said, “Sometimes you gotta say ‘What the Fuck’, and make your move”. Oh my God, how dad laughed!

After watching that movie, every time we were about to do something stupid (or just out of the normal routine), we’d look at each other and say, “what the fuck”. We’d jump in the truck, say “what the fuck” and go for a drive to see what adventures were out there.

When I got up this morning, I realized it had to be a “what the fuck” kind of day. And, I’m so glad it was. It has been a stressful few days and I’ve been..let’s say…on edge. So, Chuck and I set out to have a few simple adventures. Nothing big and fancy. Nothing we haven’t done before. But things we haven’t made time for in the past couple of weeks because of all the other stuff that needed doing.

It went from an early morning bike ride down to the beach, to playing with three of the most amazing, fluffy, loveable dogs. From having a coffee while visiting with Kate and Lucas down at the Market and Smør canteen, to finding hidden treasures at the boardwalk and in the woodpile. Going to the farm…cooking a fabulous meal in our new kitchen…coming home to a wonderful surprise bouquet of flowers…it was a good day because we said, “what the fuck”.

I might try it again tomorrow.


Here’s wishing you a good night, and a happy tomorrow. 🙂


Day 60 – On moving and late night meals

For months, we were eating well. I cooked three squares a day, watched the sugar and the sodium and the cholesterol content in all the foods…made sure we ate on time…

Moving changes everything.

You get caught up in packing or unpacking, fixing and decorating or cleaning…whatever. And suddenly, like today, it’s 10 p.m. and you realize you haven’t eaten dinner and you can’t remember when you ate lunch.

You’re tired. You may be a bit cranky (“not ME of course” she says sarcastically). The last thing you want to do is dig through the craziness that is your kitchen to figure out a meal. So, you “snack” which totally sucks when you’re trying to maintain a clean, healthy diet so your hypertension and diabetes don’t rear their ugly heads.

It’s difficult. But not impossible. Ideal choices? Probably not. Better than fast food of any kind? Absolutely.


I’m really looking forward to cooking a decent meal in our new kitchen. Soon. Before I give up on cooking altogether just when I was starting to love it. I’m thinking that for the next move, the kitchen goes first…everything else can follow.

P.S. Tomorrow I am down to single digits left of the 70 daze of summer…and the countdown is on.