Day 48 – A breath of fresh air

It can be pretty easy to be dragged down into a bad place sometimes. And it can be pretty hard to pull yourself back up and out onto level ground again. Almost always, I can count on a young person (wow…I sound SO old right now) to help me up. After yesterday’s nasty shock and what our family has just been through with losing mom, having help to get back up is almost imperative.

Enter Mika. Our step-granddaughter. A breath of fresh air. A super great kid. Someone who can really hold up her end of the conversation, and who sees the bright side of things.

Mika came down from Sudbury with Chuck today for the long weekend. Even though we were under a severe thunderstorm watch (and tornado warning), we ventured down to the Market & Smor at the beach and got Mika a bubble tea, Chuck a smoked salmon sandwich and a watermelon and cucumber salad for me before heading over to the Golden Chopsticks restaurant for dinner.

It’s funny how integrated food is with moods…when you’re happy, celebrate with ice cream and cake and candy. When you’re sad, pack in a bit of comfort food. When you’re stressed, eat. When you’re depressed, eat.

When you have a super great kid descend on your home and demand bubble tea, well hell, you’d better get down to the beach and find one. 🙂


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