Day 49 – Sidewalks and sandcastles

The civic holiday here in Cobourg has always been a big deal. It’s the best weekend of the summer, and the downtown stores put on a huge sidewalk sale. King Street is closed down for three days and, unlike a lot of other venues, most of the vendors are still local. When I was a kid, there were all kinds of carnival rides during the sidewalk sale. My friend Sharon told me they haven’t been part of the sale for many, many years now.

There’s food, and music, and deep discounts on all kinds of goodies. And there are friends…almost everyone comes down to the sidewalk sale even if it’s just for a few minutes so there’s a really good chance you’re going to cross paths with people you know. The crowds are kind of crazy for a little town but that’s all part of the excitement.

After checking out the sale, it was down to the waterfront. Today the sandcastle competition was taking place. It’s a really neat thing to see. All spring the beach was crazy flooded. For Canada Day, the town brought in load after load of sand but it’s almost as flooded again today as it was in the spring. That didn’t dampen the spirit of the sand sculpters a bit.

Then we walked up to the new apartment to show the kids, and to start measuring out where things will go. Next, we took a quick run up to the farm to see how everything was making out through the thunderstorms and winds. It’s all okay up there. Topping it all off were a beautiful moon rise and spectacular clouds. What more could you ask for in one day…



One Reply to “Day 49 – Sidewalks and sandcastles”

  1. I’ve always admired sand sculptors and their creations…a fine art on a grand scale! Those are amazing 🤗 Your new place looks warm and it will be so nice when you’re settled in. Another grand adventure shared! Thank you❤️


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