Day 51 – A bad cell phone photography day

Oh, if I could tell you how much I hate the camera on my phone today. If I could only find the words that would properly express that sentiment. With that, I also have to say I am stunned and amazed by what I’ve seen other people achieve with nothing but a phone camera. And jealous. Or envious. I’m never quite sure of the difference.

I am not a good cell phone photographer. I don’t understand what is happening and I can’t control anything. Just for reference, I still have a Blackberry and won’t give it up so maybe that has some bearing on it…but I’m pretty sure it’s just me.

The skies today were stunning! The cloud banks were enough to completely stop me in my tracks. I stood there astride my bike taking picture after picture of them with my stupid cell phone camera. I poked at the screen to try to chose the focus point but that changed the exposure. I tried changing the exposure but ended up just taking another ugly picture. I moved a lot and caused motion blur. And everything was in the wrong perspective. And so small. And zooming in just caused a bunch of noise that got so bad the boats were nothing but schmultz on the screen.

The whole time I just kept thinking, “God…if I only had my camera with me…why don’t I have my camera with me??”. Lesson learned. If I want to take good shots, I need to use my camera. I’m not ever going to be a good cell phone photographer.

Unless…I keep reading about this new phone Kodak is making…I’d love to have a Kodak back in my hands…hmmm.


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